Weight of the Mass (The)

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By Temar, illustrations by Christopher Oluoch ISBN 9966-08-280-2; publication 2007; 1st Reprint 2014; 20 pages Read more

Once upon a time an old woman lived in a small village by a mountain. Her husband had died long before. Her only son had left her shortly after the death of his father, looking for a job. He had never returned. Her hut was small, but tidy and neat. Her husband had left her a very small farm, where she cultivated potatoes, pulses and greens. But during the dry season she suffered hunger, which her neighbours relieved by giving her something in charity. Near her small house there was a church. She was very devout, never missing daily Mass. Everyone in the village knew and admire her devotion and her serenity. Despite her poverty, she always thanked the Lord for the opportunity to attend daily Mass. It happened that one day she had no provisions left in the house  and was expecting a visitor. She was worred. Had it been only for herself, she would have been content with a little porridge, but a visitor had to be welcomed, especially for being a relative. She went to the butchery to beg for a piece of meat to prepare a nice soup. There she found the Inspector were engaged in conversation, so that the butcher was not very polite on seeing the old woman. "What do you want?" he asked sharply. Trembling, she answered: "For God's sake, can you give me a small piece of meat? I have no money, but I can pay you with a Holy Mass." Annoyed, the butcher replied, "Here we sell meat for money, not for Masses." and he laughed at her. 
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