Unknown Man (The)

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By Jeremy Leariwala Illustrations by Chris Oluoch ISBN 9966-60-037-0; 40 pages: publication 2017 Read more

"Parakuo come across an ancient victim lying by the roadside. He decides to help him reach the hospital but the bystanders warn him of the consequences of his action. He defies their warnings and gets himself in trouble with the police." 

We are all children of God. Since we were all created in the image and likeness of God our Father, no one should ever ignore the suffering of another  person. Give a helping hand when you can because God gave you that ability to always be of help to the injured and the weak. The policeman you see on the street or at the police station is there to assist you. The police officers help the society to maintain the law. So as you grow up never fear the police. As long as you do not break the law, the police will be your friends. When you assist an accident victim by giving the first-aid or taking them to the hospitals, the police will not punish you.

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