Mike and the Lynx

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ISBN 9966-21-815-7; Pages 32: Publication 2002

Once upon a time there lived a wonderful little boy called Mike. This nickname was his own creation. His full name was Dmitry but it was difficult to say and so he named himself Mike. There are a lot of funny stories I can tell you about this sweet and clever boy. Mike’s Grandma and Grandpa loved their only grandson very much. One-day Mike told them that he dreamed of having a kitten. His Grandma and Grandpa immediately called all their friends and told them about their grandson’s wish. Everybody started looking for a kitten, but they didn’t want just any one. It had to be a miracle kitten. It didn’t take them very long to find what they were looking for. One morning the doorbell rang. Grandma and Grandpa’s friends came in with a basket and put it on the floor. They all gathered around the basket. Suddenly it started moving and shaking and a strange noise came from it.

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