Wooden Pot and other stories (The)

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By Various Authors Illustrations by Sebastian M. Kaaria ISBN 9966-60-078-3; 28 pages; publication 2017 Read more

Mama Kena used to tell stories to her children every Sunday before going to bed. This was possible because it was a day for resting especially for Mama Kena. She used to rest on this day and spend more time with her children who were in school during the week, especially Tamba and Jama. One evening, she narrated this story to her  children which was so touching and educative that they never forgot it. Mama Kena told the story in this manner with a smiling face.  A grandma who had a beautiful wooden pot given to her by her mother who later died and she loved the pot and was attached to it, she always had children over at her place, and one day one of them was interested in the pot and the Grandma took it to them to see but not to touch it or play with it, as she went to check a visitor at the door they started to play with it and then she came back and found them she took it from them but it slipped, it fell and broke.

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