Virginity and Celibacy in Africa

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by Amedeo Cencini Read more

ISBN 9966-08-488-6; 160 pages; publication 2009

This book was conceived with a view towards priestly and religious formation. The author presents a method for reflection for those beginning to contemplate virginity or celibacy as a life choice and for those who are now living this gift and may want or need to rediscover the beauty of one's consecrated life. He has used many sources for his reflections: Father's of the Church, modern authors of spirituality and of the human sciences, theologians and even poets. There are twelve chapters in the book, one for each month. Each chapter presents reflections for a systematic revising one's celibate option and growing in it. Every chapter begins with a passage of Scripture that inspired the text that follows, first analysing and then proposing theoretical spiritual stimuli with psycho-pedagogical indications stemming from research ad from experience followed by thoughts of the Fathers and excerpts of modern authors on the anthropological and theological reality of love in general and of celibacy for the sake of the Kingdom in particular.

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