Spiritual Perfection of the Human Being (The)

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According to St Augustine of Hippo By Fredrick Njumferghai, OFM Cap ISBN 9966-60-228-2; 104 pages; Publication 2021 Read more

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The book develops the fundamental aspects on spiritual anthropology as handed down to us by the Church Tradition, i.e., the teachings of St Augustine of Hippo.

Though human beings are free, responsible and autonomous, one cannot conceive of a genuine humanity without God. Therefore, this book is a tool for deep spiritual and Christian meditation for all of us who are called indefectibly to perfection by God our Creator through the Christian way of life.

The life of St Augustine itself is a whole message of hope for every human person called to perfection in the footsteps of Christ. Augustine understands human and spiritual perfection to be a continuous and humble acknowledgement of one’s sinfulness before God.

By the fact that human beings are made in the image and likeness of God, He constantly calls us to ever deeper, everlasting and perfect communion with him.

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