Gift of Priestly Vocation (The)

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Congregation for the Clergy ISBN 9966-60-035-6; Pages 28: Publication 2017 Read more

The Gift of the priestly vocation, placed by God in the hearts of some men, obliges the Church to propose to them a serious journey of formation. As Pope Francis recalled on the occasion of his address to the PIenary of the Congregation for the Clergy (3 October 2014): "It means guarding and fostering vocations, that may bear mature fruit. They are 'uncut diamonds', to be formed both patiently and carefully, respecting the conscience of the individual, so that they may shine among the People of God." It was years ago- on 19 March 1985- that the Congregation for Catholic Education, then competent in this matter, proceeded to amend the Ratio Fundamentals Institutions Sacerdotalis promulgated on 6 January 1970, above all by updating the footnotes in light of the promulgation of the Code of Canon Law (25 January 1983). Since then there have been numerous contributions on the theme of the formation of future priests, both on the part of the Universal Church and on the part of the Conferences of Bishops and individual particular Churches.

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