About How do you Spell Chastity?

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By Michael Ochieng ISBN 9966-21-579-4; Pages 24: Publication 2001 Read more

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The process of writing this booklet has offered me a marvellous opportunity. It has beeen a task of love, learning and growth for me. I hope that reading it will be an enlightening experience for you, the reader. I would like this booklet to be an honest picture of what true love waits campaign is. As l was writing it, l recalled what David said in one of our meetings; chastity will save Africa. All is not lost despite the appalling fact that HIV/AIDS is threatening the family, the bedrok of society. "I think that...we must give them a clear idea of what chastity means and what True Love Waits-Kenya does. We must strive to make chastity a way of life...I believe it is what will save Africa!"

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