Unfolding the Dream and other Stories

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By Deborah Lupenga, fsp Read more

ISBN 9966-60-267-1, pages 72; publication 2022

This storybook contains four stimulating stories which are tantalisingly narrated. The stories are entertaining and helpful towards the growth of our teenagers' faith and morals. At the end of every story, the author enumerates the lessons we can glean. This storybook is for teenagers and young adults.


Unfolding the Dream

A Ray of Dawn

A meddling Crowd

Trouble is my Name

Prudent Hope

Unwavering Faith

A Radical Heart

Surrounded by Love

A deep Impression

Life at Campus

Another Intervention

The Job Interview

The Radical Move

Lisa’s Endurance

Enthusiastic Lisa

Lisa Goes to School

Lisa in Secondary School

The Harsh punishment


The Trap

Shattered Pieces

Depressed Kay

Love Rebuilds

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