Understanding the Eucharist

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ISBN 9966-21-918-8; 128 pages; 1st reprint 2005 Pastoral Reflections on the Sunday Mass By Rinaldo Ronzani, MCCJ Read more

Pope John Paul ll invites us to rediscover the meaning of the Sunday Eucharist should really be the heart of Sunday for every baptized person." This is very much in line with the ancient tradition and the centrality of the Sunday celebration of the Eucharist in Christian life. St Ignatius of Antioch considered the Sunday Eucharist to be the specific and defining mark of Christians and, in his writings, attested that Christians who were experiencing persecution used to say: 'We cannot live without celebrating the Sunday Eucharist." This booklet is intended to provide the basic knowledge and insights needed to foster a lively liturgical life in our Christian communities. It is not meant to give all the answers, but to challenge us to deepen our understanding of the Sunday Eucharist in order to fully take active part in this important event of our faith and live it in our daily life with a new awareness.
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