Two Weeks in Prayer with Cardinal Lavigerie

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By Benard Ugeux ISBN 9966-60-153-7; 112 Pages: Publication 2019 Read more

Cardinal Charles Martial Allemand Lavigerie (1825-1892) was a forerunner of his era and remains a prophet to out time. He was driven by four things: God, the human being, Africa and the Church. He revealed himself as a visionnary in his openness to modernism, his love for the Middle East, his gift to Africa and his fight for human rights and the abolition of slavery. It is the reason he founded two religious institutes 150 years ago; the Missionaries of Africa (the White Fathers and White Sisters) in view of ending out apostles for the evangelisation of Africa at close proximity to the people, living the 'all things to all men' so endearing to St Paul in the footsteps of Chrit. Today, they are pursuing his work at the service of Africans and elsewhere in the world where their charism is sollicited.

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