Towards a Pastoral Approach to Culture

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By the Pontifical Council for Culture ISBN 9966-21-459-3; Pages 52: 1st reprint 2005 Read more

"From the time the Gospel was first preached, the Church has known the process of encounter and engagement with culture" (Fides et Ratio,n. 70), for "it is one of the properties of the human person that he can achieve true and full humanity only by means of culture" (Gudium et Spes, n. 53). In this way, the Good News which Christ's Gospel for all men and the whole human person, "both child and parent of the culture in which they are immersed" (Fides et Ratio, n.71), reaches them in their own culture, which absorbs their manner of living the faith and is in turn gradually shaped by it. "Today, as the Gospel gradually comes into contact with cultural worlds which once lay beyond Christian Influence, there are new tasks of inculturation" (Ibid., n. 72). At the same time, some traditionally Christian cultures, or cultures imbued with thousand-year-old religious traditions are being Shattered. Thus, it is not only a question of grafting the faith onto these cultures, but also of revitalizing a de-Christianized world whose only Christian reference are of a cultural nature. On the threshold of the Third Millennium, the Church throughout the world is faced with new cultural situations, new field of evangelization.

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