Together in Jesus' Family: The Journey of Faith 5

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The Journey of Faith - No. 5 By Paulines Editorial Team ISBN 9966-08-661-7; 56 pages; publication 2012 Read more

Available in Portuguese, Swahili and Other Local Languages.

Together in Jesus’ Family

The biggest challenge to the Catholic Church today is marriage and the family. Will Marriage and the family, as we know it, survive? There seems to be no good news about marriage today. Separation, divorce, remarriage and non-functional marriages are plentiful while happy marriages are seldom heard about even though we all know such marriages exist. Why is the institution of marriage under such pressure today? Why are there so many problems connected with marriage in every country of the world? We are told that in most countries many marriages end in separation and divorce. Divorce is expected to reach 70% or more in the next Century. Must that be so? Is there anything we can do to change this trend? The answer is yes! There is much we can do to help couples who want successful marriage is preparation, both temporal and spiritual and an ongoing formation for the couples. The book you are holding in your hands is geared towards helping couples and those preparing for marriage to deepen their understanding of marriage according to the teachings of the Church, that is, the biblical and catechetical understanding of married life (the Sacrament of Matrimony).

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