The Christian Sacrament: A Theological Study of the Sacraments

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By Herman Joseph Kalungi; ISBN 9966-60-292-3; Year of Publication 2024; Pages 510 Read more

“This book is a systematic exposition of the Seven Sacraments preceded by a general consideration on Sacramentology. Father Kalungi uses an impressive style that combines theological rigour and clarity of thought. The language is straight forward, simple, coherent and intelligible... this book is an inestimable treasure that will shape the minds and hearts of the Christian people. It is a great contribution to the systematic study of the Seven Sacraments. I strongly believe that it will serve as an operational manual and an indispensable tool for theology students, seminarians, priests, religious, catechists and other pastoral agents working in the Lord’s vineyard. This book is a timely and relevant contribution to the theological discourse on Sacraments.”

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