Starting Afresh from Christ

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ISBN 9966-21-845-9; Year of publication 2002: pages 56 A renewed Commitment to Consecrated Life in the Third Millennium Read more

Contemplating Christ's crucified and glorious face and witnessing to his love in the world, consecrated persons joyfully accept the Holy Father John Paul II's pressing invitation at the beginning of the third millennium to cast out into the deep: "Duc in altum!" (Lk 5:4). These words, echoed throughout the whole Church have enlivened a powerful new hope, reawakened the desire for a more intense evangelical life, and broken open the horizons of dialogue and mission. Perhaps today, more than ever, Jesus' invitation to cast out into the deep appears as a response to the human drama which is the victim of hate and death. The Holy Spirit is always active in history and can draw from human dramas a discernment of the event which is open to the mystery  of mercy and peace among peoples.

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