Spiritual and Emotional Maturity

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Guiding Young People in Religious and Priestly Formation By Amedeo Cencini ISBN 9966-21-976-5; 192 pages: 2nd reprint 2011 Read more

Consecrated life has always excelled in the Church for the attention paid to the formation of its members. We know, however, the many problems that today beset consecrated life. The author, a well-know writer and expert in psychology and pedagogy, offers profound insights in all the aspects of formation: human, spiritual and charismatic, aiming at emotional and spiritual maturity. He shares the experience of a long life which, despite inevitable ups and downs, he considers a wonderful, undeserved gift. This book is a must for all those who are in contact with young people in formation, both in religious houses and seminaries. It is also a very enriching reading for anyone who wants to grow in his/her spiritual and religious life.

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