Speak to Me 2 - Lent

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A Guide to Doing Mental Prayer Using the Daily Gospel Texts of the Holy Mass by K. de Souza Read more

ISBN 9966-08-927-6; 73 pages; publication 2015

Speak to Me contains short reflections on excerpts of the Gospel passages used at the Hoy Mass during the different times of the year. These reflections address Jesus in the second person. They are an aid to mental prayer, which is a form of personal dialogue with Jesus Christ. Prayer isn't only about asking for things or repeating formulae. Jesus beckons to you and says: Speak to Me!

When you read the excerpts of the Gospels, you can pause for a while and say to Jesus: "Speak to me". In silence, he will speak and you should try to listen. Be a child - ask questions. Be simple.

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