Small Christian Community Today

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ISBN 9966-08-116-X; Year of Publication 2006; 1st reprint 2011; 2nd reprint 2012: Pages 224 By Joseph G. Healey and Jeanne Hinton, Editors Read more

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"Small Christian Communities Today is an excellent summary of the work of small Christian communities worlwide. In this moment of salvation history, the challenge of strengthening communities of faith is a vital mission of the Church. This book will provide inpiration and encouragement for the continuing need of evangelizatio." - most Rev. Wiliam Skylstand, Diocese of Spokane (Washington state), and President, United States Conference of Catholic Bishops

"Across the world people are finding that the inherited patterns of church no longer relate to their lives and communities and are discovering new ways to 'be church', often at the edge or outside the o;d parameters. This book presents compelling evidence of  what I believe is a movement of the Holy Spirit to reshape the worlwide church-God's gift of a new moment."- John Summers, Anglican Diocese of Exeter (UK)

"Displays the gems that come from pastoral experience where parishes are renewed as communities of many small communties. The results are a prophetic vision for the renewal of the Church today." - Michael Brough, Director, RENEW International

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