Skills for Counselling Young People - A Practical Approach

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By Michael Moloney ISBN 9966-08-772-9 Pages 192: Publication 2013 Read more

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This book is for those who interact with, and care for young people in any way, but particularly for those who work in counselling departments in schools, colleges and Universities, and those who can learn to use counselling skills in their interaction with young people such as teachers, administrators, lecturers, youth leaders, pastors, sports coaches, club patrons, medical staff and so on. While it is important to recognise that some adults have natural gifts in listening to young people with warmth and understanding, most of us can profit from taking a deeper look at counselling and the practical application of counselling skills. Good will is good but not always enough in a world where young people are increasingly misunderstood and where the speed of change is such that the generation gap is now both smaller in years and larger in incomprehension.

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