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Pastoral Reflections on Singing the Sunday Eucharist By Rinaldo Ronzani, MCCJ ISBN 9966-21-975-7; 72 pages; publication 2004; 1st reprint 2010 Read more

Liturgical singing plays a very important role in the celebration of the Sunday Mass and fulfils a variety of functions. First of all music and singing are to glorify and praise the Triune God. Closely linked to the glorification and of our sanctification. liturgical music enables us to experience the joy of being the Family of God, called to praise the goodness of the Father through Jesus Christ in the unity of the Holy Spirit.

A lively, joyous, festive liturgical celebration, in which everyone takes full, active and conscious part, will lead all members of the assembly to continue in their daily life the song of praise that they have raised to the trinity during the celebration of the Sunday Eucharist.

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