Short Stories for Children

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ISBN 9966-21-510-7; Year of publication 2000; 1st reprint 2007; 2nd reprint 2009: pages 40 Various Authors Read more

In a small village, there lived a young girl who was the only child of the family. Liza was her name. She was loved so much that anything she desired was given to  her. This made Liza a spoiled child and she took advantage of her parents' love for her by always wanting and getting her own way. Liza also had a wonderful gift of intelligence but she did not use it well in school, because instead of applying herself to her schoolwork, she wasted time in class and did not pay attention to the teacher. When she arrived home after school, instead of helping her mother with the household chores, all she was interested in was playing with her friends. Liza's parents put up with her bad behaviour when she was very young, but as she grew a little older, they realized that they had made a mistake by spoiling her and letting her do what she wanted. So little by little, they began to discipline her.

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