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Lives of Saints for Every Week ISBN 9966-21-637-7; 200 Pages; Publication 1990: 1st reprint 2014 Read more

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The Church of God glories in her galaxy of holy men and women. In the lives of many of these are found recorded many wonders and miracles. There are, also, a host of others who sanctified their lives through the faithful fulfilment of daily duties. Practically, all men have one vocation: to love and serve God here on earth and to be eternally happy with Him hereafter. However, as various roads lead to the glorious and eternal city of God. There are many stations in life, all of which come from God and return to Him. Each of us has the lives and examples of her saints, invites us to do just this. The saints, whom we honour and try to imitate, are our own brothers and sisters in faith, sharing the same nature, nourished by the same sacrament life. They have gone ahead of us, leaving behind a rich heritage of example and virtue.

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