Sacrament of Matrimony (The)

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ISBN 9966-21-563-8; 56 Pages: Publication 2001 Author Christopher Mallia; illustrations by Manolito Corpuz Read more

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We live in a world which drags us away from the teaching of Jesus Christ and his Church. With its mass media oriented towards seeking pleasure the world can easily pull under its paws such lukewarm Christians and so they cannot benefit in full from the graces linked with the sacrament of Matrimony. The bond of marriage, sanctified by the sacrament of Matrimony, because an affair between three and not two: husband, wife and Jesus in their midst. The sentence of Jesus, " Where two or three are gathered in my name, there I am in their midst" (Mt 18:20), becomes a day to day reality. Life with Jesus in the midst, for such spouses becomes a continuous source of light, joy, peace and strength.

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