Sacrament of Confirmation (The)

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ISBN 9966-21-650-2; 64 Pages; Publication 1997: 3rd reprint 2014 Author Christopher Mallia: Illustrations by Manolito Corpuz Read more

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What is the Sacrament of Confirmation? What doe it mean and what newness does it bring to the life of one who already has received Baptism? As circumcision makes one an adult and fully a member of the tribe so the sacrament of confirmation confirms one to be a committed Christian, fully participating in the life of the Church. This booklet is the result of the author's commitment to help young people to prepare themselves for the great event of Confirmation. It is divided into two parts: the first is a compendium of the teaching on Confirmation while the second summarises the feedback from the groups he has prepared for the Sacrament of confirmation. It will be very useful for anyone who prepare others for the reception of the Sacrament of Confirmation as well as for all who desire to deepen their understanding of this sacrament.

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