Rays of Hope

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ISBN 9966-21-936-6; Year of publication2004; 2nd Edition 2008: pages 232 By Paterne-Auxence Mombe Managing HIV & AIDS in Africa Read more

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Many ways are being found to live as long as possible and in good condition with HIV and AIDS. What is lacking is the sharing of useable information about this infectious disease and how to manage it. My people perish because of lack of knowledge laments the prophet Hosea. When patients and care-givers are well-informed, hope becomes more possible. This manual, called Rays of Hope, is co-sponsored by the African Jesuit AIDS Network and Caritas internationalis. Rays of Hope provides useful information about HIV and AIDS, their related diseases and their symptoms, and how to treat them medically and with nutrition. It explains the means which are accessible and affordable for African people, including nutrition, and antiretrovirals which are now becoming more available. A maximum of information is given so that the majority of infected people, especially in Africa, might stop dying due to lack of knowledge.

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