Raising Voices, Our Children, Our Pride, My Responsibility

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Parents, Caregivers and Stakeholders Toolkit By Kenya Conference of Catholic Bishops Commission for Education & Religious Education Read more

ISBN 9966-60-042-4; 30 pages; publication 2019

The safeguarding and protection of children is a collective responsibility, to be implemented in the family, the community, and institutions, at both local and national levels.

This Manual was developed by the Kenya Conference of Catholic Bishops as part of the series, Raising Voices - Watoto Watunzwe, Wajitunze na Watunzane, and it is the third volume in the series.

Raising Voices: Our Children, Our Pride, My Responsibility, is a sensitisation manual for parents, caregivers and stakeholders; it contains basic information on child nurturing and safeguarding. It will enable a collective effort by all caregivers to provide a safe and protective environments for a our children, especially children n school.

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