Raising Voices, My Safety Starts with Me

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Learner's Book by Kenya Conference of Catholic Bishops (KCCB) Commission for Education & Religious Education Authors: Anne W. Waichinga and George W. Thuku Read more

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ISBN 9966-60-043-1; 120 pages; publication 2019

raising Voices is an exciting book that will help you realise how special and important you are. Did you know that as a child, yo are a precious gift from God to your parents? In the same way that we protect precious things, you have to learn how to protect yourself and others from harm.

This book will help you understand some of the bad things that can put you in danger, and things you can do i order to give the actions children can take to prevent and respond to abuse.

As you read the book, you will discover many things about keeping yourself and other children safe.

Raising your voice (Speaking out) if yo sense or face danger of abuse is a very important step in preventing abuse or getting any help you or other children need before, during and after abuse.

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