Puppets or People?

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ISBN 08-199-2; Year of publication2006: Pages 160 By Fabrizio Floris (Turin, 1970) Read more

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Nairobi is a complex city that, "its own small way" has many of the contradictions that characterize life in the world. The city is so fragmented that, instead of being a place where people meet and form social groups, it changes into a kind of archipelago, made up of many islands marked by the high or low standard of their buildings, the presence and absence of infrastructure, justice, security, social services. One of these islands is Korogocho, a real and truly clandestine city is visible to everyone and tightly rooted into the territory, but without official recognition. This book presents the results of many years of research and living in Korogocho, It aims at understanding its complex socio-economic nature. Its results are vivid and insightful.

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