Proclaiming the faith in Africa

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ISBN 9966-08-990-X; Year of publication 2016: pages 175 Selected Writings and Homilies of Bishop Philip Sulumeti Patrick Ryan ,(Editor) Read more

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The work of an African bishop has many parts. It involves launching new parishes, building churches and community centres, opening primary and secondary schools, developing health care institutions, training of teachers and catechists, formation of seminarians and priests, promoting "Justice and Peace" activities, initiating rural development projects, and much else besides. This was the work of Bishop Philip Sulumeti, of the Diocese of Kakamega, Kenya. He was one of the pioneer bishops in Africa's post-Independence period. Paulines Publications Africa wishes to recognise the contribution of Bishop Sulumeti, and to make more widely available his understanding of his vocation and work. This volume is a collection of homilies, addresses and reflections since the 1970s, reflecting the breath and depth of his thought. It is a collection arranged not chronologically but by theme.

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