Praying the Liturgy of Hours

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An Introduction to the Liturgy of the hours. By Rinaldo Ronzani, MCCJ Read more

ISBN 9966-08-494-0; 88 pages; publication 2010

The Liturgy of the Hours is a marvelous way in which we offer to God our daily sacrifice of praise, we glorify him and we experience in our life the gifts of his grace and love. At the same time, the Liturgy of the Hours is an Ecclesial School of Prayer since, in so many ways, it teaches us how to pray both as a community or whether we are on our own, our prayer is always Trinitarian and ecclesial because of the new life that we have received through the sacraments of Christian Initiation. All of us are called to ask Lord to teach us to pray as the disciples did (cf. Lk 11:1), and to sit at his feet listening to him in order to learn afresh how to pray or to make greater progress in our spiritual life. The Church called to continue the mission of Christ, teaches us how to pray and assists us in our journey so that we may discover the joy of giving time to God in prayer on a daily basis. The Liturgy of the Hours – like all liturgical celebrations is a transforming encounter with the Triune God and with our brothers and sisters with whom we form a praying community engaged in continuing the mission of Christ and bringing about the kingdom in the concrete situations of our day. To link us to the praying Church, to help us to surrender to it joyfully and wholeheartedly for the sake of the kingdom.

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