Practising Reconcilation, Doing Justice, Building Peace

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By A. E. Orobator, sj ISBN 9966-08-740-0; Pages 135; Publication 2013: 1st reprint 2014 Read more

How must we live as human beings in the world? This is the ethical question to which every age requires an answer. Without a code of ethics- or at least a firm ethical orientation-human life and that of the Universe are surely in peril. The times we live in, with the many forms of social and structural violence and injustice we face, give the question and the attempt to answer it a special urgency. The African and Africanist scholars and church leaders whose reflections are presented in this volume of essays have tried to do so, each from the point of view of his/her specific location, deepening and expanding the theme and inspiration of the 2009 Second African Synod on Reconciliation, Justice, and peace. This book is a goldmine for practical action towards that goal. It is a useful companion for every politician in contemporary Africa regardless of ideology or creed. It is especially necessary for all Christian faithful, especially leaders and pastoral workers.

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