Plea for Change of Models for Marriage

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By Benezet Bujo ISBN 9966-08-480-0; Pages 208: Publication 2009 Read more

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Since they first began evangelising in sub-Saharan Africa, one of the most troublesome topics confronting missionaries was the question of marriage. Polygamy and so-called African traditional marriages, and the scandal these issues caused, were a great problem for the early missionaries. In this book, Father Bujo presents research which will lead to a discussion on the problems of marriage and family life where both aspects are regarded as one. His aim is towards the anthropological fundamental principle of African marriage and family life by discussing a three-fold community, or point to the "trinity" of husband-wife-child, of African marriage. In the second part, the author deals with concrete questions so the anthropological principles presented in part one are understood. The points discussed include the development of marriage in a Christian context, and some practical questions regarding sexuality, and the problem of HIV/AIDS. These questions are dealt with from an African perspective. It is the author's hope that these questions will lead not only to an academic discussion but to a dialogue that will enrich not only African Christianity but the Church in its plurality, for only in its wholeness and plurality can it be the one Familia Dei.

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