Patterns of Morality in the Bible

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Handbook of Fundamental Moral Theology By Michel Istas, SJ ISBN 9966-60-119-3; 240 pages; publication 2019 Read more

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Our actions mostly follow established patterns, or standards. We generally don't change our behavior from one day to the next. When it comes to making any particular moral decision, people know what to expect from us. This is because we usually act according to the patterns we have established. The purpose of this book is too explore biblical revelation, to learn how it tries to shape these patterns. This book is different from most books of moral theology. These books tend to focus on the many commandments, laws and rules in the Bible; they focus on specific actions. But underlying these actions is something more basic, namely , the pattern. The pattern is fundamental.  This book shows how the bible describes such patterns, on the part of both God and of the people who respond to him. The patterns do not remain the same all through the Bible: they change from one book to another, because God reavals himself to people in different ways. Also people's needs change, and their understanding of what God expects from them.

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