Passion for Christ, Passion for Humanity

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Acts of the Congress on Consecrated Life ISBN 9966-08-019-8; Year of Publication 2005, Second Reprint 2006; 240 Pages Read more

This book compiles the work of the First International Congress of Consecrated Life organised by the UISG and the USG. Their work merited a structure to situate, explain and so better understand the rich and vital theological reflection that emerged during the proceedings. From the outset, it was clear that the Congress issued a clear message without neglecting procedures that were participative. It was a moment of grace.

However, this book speaks not only about the proceedings of the Congress but also about its presenters. The presenters reflected and listened to the Spirit who assisted them and assisted all the participants throughout the Congress and will continue to assist all religious men and women in the challenges that lie ahead.

The fire for the passion of Christ and for humanity belongs to all religious. The pages of this book are meant to pass on to the reader this spiritual fire. It is the symphonic voice of experience speaking about the theology and praxis of contemporary religious life.

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