On The Human Person

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Encyclical Letter CENTESIMUS ANNUS of John Paul II Read more

ISBN 9966-21-534-4; Pages 72: Publication 1991

  1. On the Conditions of Workers (RERUM NOVARUM) by Leo XII
  2. On the Social Reconstruction (QUADRAGESIMO ANNO) by Pius XI
  3. On Social Progress (MATER ET MAGISTRA) by John XXIII
  4. On Peace on Earth (PACEMA IN TERRIS) by John XXIII
  5. On the Church in the Modern World (GAUDIUM ET SPES) by Vatican Council II
  6. On the Development of Peoples (POPULORUM PROGRESSIO) by Paul VI
  7. On New Social Concern (OCTOGESIMA ADVENIENS)
  8. On Human Work (LABOREM EXERCENS) by John Paul II
  9. On Social Concern (SOLLICITUDO REI SOCIALS)
  10. On the Human Person (CENTESIMUS ANNUS) by John Paul ll.
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