On Peace on Earth

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ISBN 9966-21-535-2; Year of Publication 1990, First Reprint 2000, Second Reprint 2008; 48 Pages

On Establishing Universal Peace in Truth, Justice, Charity and Liberty To Our Venerable Brothers the Patriarchs, Primates, Archbishops, Bishops and Other Local Ordinaries in Peace and Communion with the Apostolic See to the Clergy and Faithful of the Whole World and to All People of Good will. Peace on earth, which all people of every era have most eagerly yearned for, can be firmly established only if the order laid down by God be dutifully observed. The progress of learning and the inventions of technology clearly show that, both in living things and in the forces of nature, an astonishing order reigns, and they also bear witness to the greatness of human persons, who can understand that order and create suitable instruments to harness those forces of nature and use them to their benefit. But the progress of science and the inventions of technology show above all the infinite greatness of God, who created the universe and human being himself. He created all things out of nothing, pouring into them the abundance of his wisdom and goodness, so that the psalmist praises God in these word: O Lord our master, the majesty of thy name fills all the earth. Elsewhere he says: what diversity, Lord, in thy creatures! What wisdom has designed them all!

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