On Evangelization in the Modern World

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ISBN 9966-21-542-5; Year of publication 1992; 1st reprint 2000; 2nd reprint 2004; 3rd reprint 2009;4th reprint 2012: Pages 56 Apostolic Exhortation Evangelii Nuntiandi of His Holiness Pope Paul VI Read more

THERE IS NO DOUBT that the effort to proclaim the Gospel to the people of today, who are buoyed up by hope but at the same time often oppressed by fear and distress, is a service rendered to the Christian community and also to the whole humanity, For this reason the duty of confirming the brethren- a duty which with the office of being the Successor of Peter we have received from the Lord, and which is for us a "daily preoccupation," a programme of life and action, and a fundamental commitment of our pontificate, seems to us all the more noble and necessary when it is a matter of encouraging our brethren in their mission as evangelizers, in order that, in this time of uncertainty and confusion, they may accomplish this task with ever increasing love, zeal and joy.

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