Not a Chance

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ISBN 9966-08-486-X; Year of publication 2009: Pages 80 A True story of recovery from the Addiction of gambling and smoking Read more

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Jackson Okoth's Not a Chance is a riveting account of the challenge of addiction and a road to a life of recovery, Addictions may be either substance dependency or a destructive behaviour over which one is powerless, Jackson Okoth's non-fictional story of addiction to nicotine and destructive, senseless gambling is truly inspiring for all, especially the addicted. Addictions are cunning, baffling and powerful. They are soul-searing experiences. However, in every line there is the articulated word of hope. Okoth's path is a rediscovering of the wealth and power of his religious tradition. This is the path for some but not for all. However, for all, the journey from addiction to recovery is a spiritual experience. It is the author's hope that you will find some solidarity with his journey and pass on the message of hope that imbues his personal journey.

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