My Journey to Womanhood

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By Ephigenia W. Gachiri, IBVM ISBN 9966-08-568-8; Pages 80: Publication 2011 Read more

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Communities all over the world have found it necessary to assist their children to move safely through the tumultuous period of adolescence. To aid in this process, the elders created powerful myths and taboos to support the traditions. These create strong faith and fear in people and made it dangerous and even impossible for any person to refuse to conform to them. Recently, Sr Ephigenia W. Gachiri, IBVM, has written two books, CHRISTIAN INITIATION FOR GIRLS and RITE OF PASSAGE FOR CHRISTIAN BOYS, to aid today's instructors and trainers for Christian Rite of Passage seminars for both boys and girls. These books are available in any Catholic bookshop. The present book is a Diary for each girl who goes through a Christian rite of passage. This is a personal diary for the participant and each session, illustration for emphasis, and spaces for each girl to write her reflections and resolutions during and after each session. It is a valuable personal document to return to, as the girl develops into a mature woman who is a modern Christian African woman.

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