Ministry of Godparents & Sponsors (The)

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Guidelines for Priests, Catechists and Pastoral Workers By Fr Mbilizi Ghislain, M. Afr ISBN 9966-60-099-8; 56 pages; publication 2018 Read more

The process of becoming a Catholic is not just learning some doctrinal lessons by heart. It is an initiation into the life of Christ. It is the entry into Christ's Body which is the church. While the catechist exposes the theoretical part of the doctrine, sponsors or godparents lead in the practical living of the doctrine. They are the embodiment of the way a Christian lives according to his or her faith in this world. We may consider them like role models, spiritual friends or parents, motivators, mentors, supporters, confidants in our journey of Christian life! Priests, pastoral teams, catechists, parents, godparents or sponsors, godchildren and indeed Christian communities are invited to embark on the discovery of the beauty of sacrament sponsorship or godparenthood and its enormous effect on faith living.

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