Liturgy: Source and Summit of the Life of the Church

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By Guido Oliana; ISBN 9966-60-293-0; Year of Publication 2024; pages 510 Read more

This work deals fundamentally with two theological dimensions of liturgy: the revelation and actualization of the mystery of Christ. In one word, it deals with “revelation in action.” The living realities upon which systematic or dogmatic theology reflects, such as the Triune God, Christ, the Spirit, the Church, Grace, Anthropology, Creation, Eschatology, etc. are found as effective spiritual energies in the celebration of the liturgy and in the spiritual fruits preparing for it, deriving from it, and perduring after it. The living interaction between liturgy and theology is traditionally expressed by one word: mystagogy, which means being led into experiencing and understanding the mystery of Christ in the concrete modality of revelation and actualization through the liturgical celebration.

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