Life Skills Training: Holistic Approach to Growth in and Beyond Academics

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By Prof. Jonathan Muema Mwania (Phd) & Dr Simon Njogu Njagi(Phd) ; ISBN 9966-60-300-x; Year of Publication 2024; 231pages. Read more

In schools, the emphasis has traditionally been on academic work and performance. However, this narrow focus has often resulted in graduates who excel academically but lack essential life skills. Recognising this gap, this book aims to address the need for comprehensive life skills education, both for students and individuals outside the academic setting. The contents of this book cater to your personal and training needs in life skills.

You will gain knowledge on a wide range of skills necessary for success. It nurtures your inner compass through self-awareness and stress management, and cultivates a healthy balance by addressing relationships, gender concerns, and stress. It incorporates relatable examples that will resonate with you. It is time to broaden our educational focus and prioritise the holistic well-being and success of individuals. Let this book be your guide as you embark on a purposeful journey towards a fulfilling and balanced life.

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