Let us keep Tiger

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ISBN 9966-08-541-6; Year of publication 2010 : Pages 32 By Christopher Okemwa Read more

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Daisy was ten years old. She was in standard four, at Genesis Preparatory School. She loved animals and always pestered her parents to take her and her brothers, Tim and George, to the animal orphanage she was so fascinated by the animals, that she did not want to leave the place. The animals she loved watching most was the tiger. There were other animals; the elephant, the lion and the leopard. When she celebrated her eleventh birthday her aunt, mama Elizabeth, brought her a puppy as a birthday present. She was so excited. The puppy was brown with white patches around his neck. She named him Tiger. She was overjoyed to have Tiger as her pet. But her parents were not of the opinion that she should keep a puppy. "Dogs are not the best of animals," her father said. "They soil every place with their droppings". "It is very expensive to keep a dog Daisy," her mother added. "Think of something else to have."

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