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ISBN 9966-21-079-2; Year of Publicaation 1994; 15th reprint 2017: Pages528 By Anthony D'Souza Trilogy on Leadership and Effective Management Read more

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LEADERSHIP deals with such crucial  issues as:

  • Key functions and Skills for Effective Leadership
  • Impact of Contrasting Leadership Styles
  • Improving Interpersonal Relationships
  • Communication Barriers and Effective Communication
  • Effective Meeting and Conference Leadership
  • Problem-Solving and Decision-making Strategies
  • Dynamic Team Interaction and Team Building Skills
  • Developing Subordinates through Coaching, Counselling and Motivation
  • Mastering the Dynamics of Planned Change
  • Coping with Work-related stress and Burnout
  • Successful Time Management and Proper Delegation
  • The winning Attitude, Setting and Achieving Goals

LEADERSHIP is a valuable addition to the repertoire of every organizational chairperson or director, corporation manager or officer-in-charge, school or college principal, religious superior or pastoral leader

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