Journeying Together for a Synodal Church in Africa

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ISBN 9966-60-278-7; Year of Publication 2023; Pages 247 Ikenna U. Okafor, Josée Ngalula,Nicholaus Segeja, Stan Chu Ilo (eds.) Echoes from an African Christian Palaver Read more

Pope Francis has convoked a Synod on Synodality: "Synodality is a style, it is a walk together, and it is what the Lord expects from the Church of the third millennium" (November 2019). This challenging invitation has initiated countless dialogues in local Churches throughout the world, and in this fine volume, African theologians and pastoral agents contribute their contextualizations, reflections, and proposals.”

Card. Michael Czerny S.J. The Holy See

This book strikes one as being highly ambitious, innovative in method, daring in scope and vision. Its ground-breaking combination of theological, pastoral and socio-cultural resources in search of a Pan-African agenda for nurturing Christian growth grounded in Ubuntu, the African ethos of synodality and dialogical inclusivity, and its courage to critique anti-gospel practices in the Church are highly commendable.

Teresa Okure, SHCJNigeria

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