Introduction to Philosophy

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By Maurice M. Makumba ISBN 9966-08-105-4; Pages 216: 3rd reprint 2014 Read more

"Philosophy is basically a reflection on reality. This reflection on reality is not exclusive property of philosophy alone but it certainly stands at its core. Such conception of philosophy underscores the primacy of reality over reflection or thinking. It is the presence of the existence that triggers and gives birth to reflection, and not vice versa." Thus begins this introduction to Philosophy.  A tightly-knit text that betrays both an erudite understanding of  philosophy and the ability to teach it in clarity, this Introduction to Philosophy is admittedly wider than many other texts that seek to introduce philosophy as it introduces Oriental and African philosophy and breaks away from the Eurocentric current. It also accords treatment to the philosophy-religion(reason-faith) relationship, itself a yet-unsettled philosophic debate. The readers of this text, students, philosophers and those " not afraid to critically apply their minds," will find it to be of great philosophic and pedagogical value, as well as of deep moral, and cultural significance.

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