Introduction to African Philosophy

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By Maurice M. Makumba ISBN 9966-08-296-4; Pages 160; Publication 2011: 2nd reprint 2014 Read more

A well-defined African philosophy is an instrumental in the formation of culture today. This book is intended to provide the reader with a general introduction to the principle themes of African philosophy as they were developed in the past and leading into contemporary philosophical discussions. This work is relevant for both the student of philosophy and other readers who have a keen interest in African affairs and the direction African society is taking in our times. The author is clear that this book is not specifically a work on the history of African philosophy but an introduction to African philosophy that proposes to see how the history of it might be thought of in the context of contemporary African research. It also acknowledges the need for African philosophy to rediscover its historical consciousness for meaningful reflection today. This work was done with the conviction that a holistic understanding of African philosophy is one that must take into account all the stages of development ancient, traditional, mediaeval, modern and contemporary-in order that it can be engaged in the present day life.

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