Instruction on the study of the Fathers of the Church in the formation of the priests

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ISBN 9966-08-821-0; Year of publication 2009; 4th reprint 2014: pages 38 Read more

Considering the particular needs of theological education in Centres of priestly formation today, the Congregation for Catholic Education dedicates this Instruction to the study of the Fathers of the Church, giving such study more extensive treatment here than in its previous general description of it. The call to promote patristic study more intensively in Seminaries and Theological Faculties might seem surprising to some people. Why, they might ask, are professors and students urged to turn toward the past when in Church and society today there are so many serious problems that require an urgent solution? A convincing answer may be found if one looks at the history of theology, considers carefully some characteristics of today's cultural climate, and pays attention to the profound needs of spirituality and pastoral care and the new directions which are emerging in them.

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