Instruction on Pastoral Conversion of the Parish Community

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ISBN 9966-60-194-0; Year of publication 2020: pages 59 in the service of the Evangelising Mission of the Church Read more

The ecclesiological reflection of the second Vatican council, together with the considerable social and cultural changes of recent decades, has resulted in various particular Churches having to reorganise the manner in which the pastoral care of Parish communities are assigned. This has made it possible to initiate new experiences, enhancing the guidance of pastors, a harmonious synthesis of charisms and vocations at the service of the proclamation of the Gospel, which better correspond to the demands of evangelisation today. Pope Francis, at the beginning of his Petrine ministry, recalled the importance of creativity, meaning thereby seeking new ways, that is seeking how best to proclaim the Gospels; in respect of this, the Holy father concluded by saying, "the Church, and also the Code of Canon Law, gives us innumerable possibilities, much freedom to seek these things."

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