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This Occasional Paper written at the end of this Jubilee Year is both a memory of the past as well as a prophecy towards the future. Our memory regarding the person of Christ has been consistent during the past two thousand years. Christians, while they see God as the author of all life, have recognised in Jesus Christ God's own beloved Son, who through his saving death redeemed the human race from the imposssibility of  salvation. In Jesus Christ one becomes a son or daughter of God, his or her sins are forgiven and the saving grace is made available. Hence we believe that salvation is possible only in and through Jesus Christ. However this belief is not something static, something to be monopolised and mummified. It is and has to become a prophecy towards the future.  We have a very important task, that of discovering our salvation in Christ and communicating this salvation in a rather complex religious and social context. It is very easy in this multicultural and multireligious context in which we live today to forget that Jesus is the only saviour of the world, a truth for which many along the past centuries laid down their lives. That is why this Occasional paper takes up this task though in a very limited way: to make present Christ theologically and catechetically to our people.         

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